Jungfrau Marathon (12th Septmber 2015)

A mountain race with 42.2 km distance and an altitude difference of 1829 meters.This is what I wrote on my FB post after the Jungfrau Marathon.
“Running 42.2 km and trekking 2100 mt. The finish line was crossed in 5 h 55 min. Jungfrau Marathon- is done. I did idd... Happy.
There was so much beauty around but the last 4 km of up, up and up before the finish line was a killer.
Like any marathon - it was hard but mountain running is a bit different. I just didn’t have those mountain muscles, lungs or whatever. But it is beyond those organs and the guy in the turban did idd..
I thank all my friends for the wishes and my WYOP team for tracking every bit of the race. Anirudh my training partner - next time we do it together.
I ran this for myself but though my race I want to support the education of girl students. Please help me raise funds for the school- Nirpeksha Abilasha. I will be glad if you can contribute with your support.
Next race coming up soon in Frankfurt, Germany