My Story

“I don’t care. Just eat and enjoy.” I would say, when a friend would point to my protruding belly.
The truth is – I did care but I did not know what to do.
After coming to Europe (first Germany and now Swiss), my weight went up by 10 kg and happily settled at 82 kg. This (over)weight I carried with me for 10 long years.
At the start of every year, I would write a resolution – “I want to reduce my weight”. Guess what. The weight scale remained unaltered. However, I kept checking myself. I would stand in front of the mirror, inhale deep, hold my breath and check how it looks to have a flat belly. “Not bad”- I would say (many of you may have performed a similar ritual).
In 2012, when I took to running I was glad. However, running with an overweight body was hard on my knees. I injured my knee. I needed to reduce my weight if I wanted to keep running.
Following a diet program, I created, I lost 5 kg and settled at 77 kg and then again my weight got stuck. I was actively running but my weight was not reducing any further.
Subsequently, I came across a detox program based on a natural product. I reduced 12 kg over a period of 3 months. There was no Jojo effect.
From 82 kg in 2012- today I am at 65 kg. I feel Great. Making Weight Loss Irreversible
If we love something, we keep doing it.
If we love a fit body, we maintain it.
Losing weight is a BIG issue but maintaining the right weight is a GREATER CHALLENGE.
Energy flux is critical in loosing weight. In other words, calorie expenditure should be more than calorie intake. Simple. Isn’t it. But still why can’t we do it or why can’t we hold it. It means more than energy flux something else is more important.

Maintaining the right weight and shape is much beyond being active and eating healthy. It is about throwing out old habits and re-wiring the brain with new happy lifestyle habits.

My Program:
Through my personal coaching and guidance. I have helped my clients to loose weight within a short time frame. My clients have reduced weight successfully and more importantly they have maintained the right weight. No JoJo effect. I motivate my clients to set Goals. Some of my clients who never thought can walk 5 km, can now run 10 km or even more.
I tell my clients – “If I can do , so can you”