The 9 Day Cleansing Program

Day 1 I felt somewhat exhausted but somehow the first day was surprisingly over without much problem. Interestingly, I was not hungry. I even did 45 minutes of exercise.
Day 2 I felt exhausted but mentally I was great as I lost weight after day 1. I had very small desire to eat. I did 30 min of exercise.
Day 3 I feel very good. The lunch with tomatoes tasted very well and surprisingly I did not have the desire to eat much. The recommended shake in the evening was very tasty. I walked for 1 hour.
Day 4 I still feel very well. I am highly motivated and have lots of energy. I trained for 30 minutes.
Day 5 I feel very good and I did 50 minutes of exercise. I am glad that I have lost some initial kilos.
Day 6 Another day passed by without problem. I did 30 minutes of training.
Day 7 Everything feels great. I have again lost some weight as compared with the previous day. I did 50 minutes of training.
Day 8 I am excited to see how my body has changed. I did 30 minutes of training.
Day 9 I did 1hour walking.
Conclusion:I am happy that I did this cleansing program and I am enthusiastic to do it again.